I'm Luke, from Boston. MA.
Kik/Instagram : Jhoyzavala

Flickr : Jzavala

Anonymous said: I hope to look as good as you do. Whatever you're doing, you're rocking the hell out of it.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said: Your hair is fantastic. Just curious, because I'm going through an awkward-ish hair phase: How do you maintain that haircut/what do you say when you get it trimmed? Have a nice rest of your day! :)

I always tell them I want the top to be longer and sides to be short (but not too much). My hair grows really slow so I get a haircut like every two months or more, and if it still looks the way I want I just tell them to cut the sides and to not touch the top. If have it long then I usually just go on tumblr and find a picture to show. You should just find a picture of a haircut you like on tumblr.

  -  22 July

Anonymous said: what is your ethnicity?

I’m Salvadorian, that’s all I know.

Anonymous said: post a selfie!

I’m gonna eat you 

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